“Tom’s Diner” was Actually Seinfeld’s Coffee Joint

Suzanne Vega wrote “Tom’s Diner” back in 1981, but the track wasn’t issued commercially until 1987 when it was included on her album Solitude Standing. The song was original as it’s one of few international a cappella hits. A recent documentary on Swedish television revealed some interesting facts about this song. For example, the diner is actually the coffee joint featured in Seinfeld. Upon its single release in 1987, “Tom’s Diner” reached No.16 in Ireland and a meager No.58 position in the UK.


In 1990, a white-label record where a dance beat had been added to “Tom’s Diner” was surfaced. It was even picked up by Radio 1, although they do not usually play non-officially released tracks. The production team behind the remix called themselves DNA. As Suzanne Vega’s career halted, the vocalist cleared the official release of the version. The track immediately became a worldwide success, much greater than the original release.  The DNA remix version reached No.2 in the UK, No.5 on the Billboard Hot 100, No.1 in Germany, Switzerland and Austria.

Suzanne Vega’s latest album came in 2007, when Beauty & Crime was issued.