Tooji’s ‘Stay’ Challenges Loreen


Can ‘Stay’ challenge Loreen’s ‘Euphoria’ in tonight’s final. Congratulations to Tooji on his 25th birthday today. Née Touraj Keshtkar (Persian: تورج کشتکار), Tooji has a career as singer, model and television host. Born in Iranian Shiraz, Tooji moved to Norway at the tender age of one. His model career took off at 16, and he has also worked as a presenter at MTV Norway hosting shows such as ‘Super Saturday’ and ‘Tooji’s Top 10.’ His first single was released in 2008 – ‘Swan Song’ unfortunately didn’t chart.

Tooji won the Melodi Grand Prix 2012 with ‘Stay,’ a song co-written by Peter Boström who also wrote ‘Euphoria.’ As it happens, ‘Stay’ actually didn’t win its semi final. It was the runner-up after Petter Øien & Bobby Bare and their song ‘Things Change.’ Tooji’s ‘Stay’ peaked at No.2 on the official singles chart, following his victory.

In a recent press conference, Tooji was informed that a South African group of fans have recorded their own version of ‘Stay’ in Afrikaans according to SvD.

According to Svenska Dagbladet, a pact has been initiated by the Danish commentator. He promises 12 points to Norway in order to create a Nordic alliance against Loreen and ‘Euphoria.’ According to him, we will not get any help from our neighboring countries. Instead, Ole Tøpholm believes in Tooji as the real winner. “I believe that Norway has a great chance. It is a pop song with oriental rhythms, a concept that work in the Eurovision Song Contest nowadays,” he told NRK.