Unauthorized ESC 2013 Tickets Already for Sale

Swedish Television (SVT) has yet not decided where the 2013 Eurovision Song Contest final will take place. That has not stopped the dealer Biljett Nu from offering tickets for 2,995 Skr (€315.70). According to the site, the show will take place at the newly built Friends Arena in Solna outside Stockholm.

“It’s strange, since we are yet to decide on location. Neither city, region or arena. There’s no decision on how tickets will be sold either. There is no authorized ticket seller. So this is remarkable in every way,” says Martin Österdahl, the executive producer of the 2013 ESC.

The ticket seller claims that they promise that customers will get a ticket, should they purchase one from the web-site. Strange since the price is still not set and SVT will closely monitor the use of any mis-use of features and brands. If necessary, legal action will be taken according to Martin Österdahl.