Will Loreen’s Sweet Victory Pave Way for UK Singles Chart Success?


It was exciting to experience Loreen winning the Eurovision Song Contest in Baku with ‘Euphoria.’ According to Aftonbladet, our victory beats Lordi’s previous record yet 15 points shy of Alexander Rybak’s ‘Fairytale’. Rybak earned 387 points in 2009, while Loreen got 387 points in Baku. According to DN, Loreen earned no less than 18 12-points and beat Russia with 123 points.

SvD’s Harry Amster says that “she crushed the competitors with one 12-pointer after the other. Loreen did what I was hoping for. She just didn’t go through the TV screen, she blasted it with her energy. A massacre of the competitors. Europe embraces her and I believe that this is the start of an international career.”

On the back of Loreen’s Twitter success in an earlier blog post, Gavagi’s research showed a great interest in ‘Euphoria.’ Add to that, the 12-points verdict from Great Britain last night (ahead of Irelandd’s Jedward). Even my blog experienced a surge in interest from UK visitors following the victory.

Could this be the verge of a UK breakthrough and even an international? Surely, we all remember Céline Dion’s ‘Ne partez pas sans moi’ 1988 win.

Written by Thomas G:son and Peter Boström, ‘Euphoria’ has already topped the Swedish singles chart. The track has already, however, drops 6-8 on the digital downloads chart (Digilistan).

I’m really hoping that we’ll see ‘Euphoria’ on top of the singles chart in the UK anytime soon!

Please find below Loreen’s positions on the international iTunes download charts per 27-05-2012:

Denmark: 10

Finland: 1

Greece: 1

Netherlands: 8

Norway: 2

Sweden: 5

(Loreen actually beats Tooji on the Norwegian iTunes download chart who sits at No.7.)