2 brothers on the 4th floor - never alone

You’re Never Alone with 2 Brothers on the 4th Floor

In 1994, I bought a copy of the Dutch EDM act 2 Brothers on the 4th Floor’s maxi-CD ‘Dreams (Will Come Alive).’ Before last.FM scrobbles and Spotify, that CD spun a maximum of times. 21 years later I accidentally stumbled upon 2 Brothers on the 4th Floor via Spotify and back comes the memories.

The song in question was the 1993 release of ‘Never Alone,’ a top three hit in native Holland and Belgium. Despite churning out loads of singles, only two albums were released – “Dreams” (1994) and “2” (1996). Apart from ‘Dreams (Will Come Alive),’ major hits included ‘Fly (Through the Starry Night)’ and ‘Fairytales.’ In 1996, they even made a Christmas version of their hit ‘There Is a Key’ née ‘Christmas Time.’

Who were 2 Brothers on the 4th Floor?

The duo consisted of the brothers Martin and Bobby Boer. They created the group in 1990, and earned cross-over success in markets such as Germany, Czech Republic, Poland and Brazil. Being the creators, the Boer brothers didn’t sing. Instead, various of singers and rappers were front figures throughout the career.

The debut hit came in 1990 when ‘Can’t Help Myself’ reached the top ten in the Netherlands, placing the on the US dance charts. In 1994, Des’Ray (née Désirée Manders) joined the act with rappoer ‘D-Rock’ on the aforementioned ‘Dreams.’ It was a great international success.

2 Brothers on the 4th Floor – Dreams (Will Come Alive)

2 Brothers on The 4th Floor – Never Alone