Ellie White Brings the Power of Love




Ellie White
Ellie White

CHART SPOTLIGHT.  So far, your response to Ellie White has been fab! WelcheMusic did some serious digging and found more English material that certainly will help her get the breakthrough she deserve. The singer blogs, but it’s unfortunately mostly in Romanian. In addition to “Love Again,” we found two other tracks and a ‘behind-the-scene’ footage from the making of “Power of Love.” Enjoy!

Making of “Power of Love” photo shoot

Power of Love

Ellie White – Power Of Love by ptzagk

One Love One Life

Ellie White – One Love One Life by dorutinca

You can also check out Ellie White’s mySpace homepage.

Read more about Romanian dance music via WelcheMusic:

Ellie White is the Next Romanian Dance Export


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