Ellie White Is the Next Romanian Dance Export

Ellie White is the next Romanian pop export.

Ellie White is the next Romanian pop export.

CHART SPOTLIGHT. Ellie White’s club hit “Nu te mai vreau” is ready for international export. Dubbed as “Love Again,” the Romanian singer will follow Alexandra Stan, Edward Maya and Inna. Ellie White was previously a member of the dance act DJ Project under the name Elena Baltagan. She has obviously changed it upon pursuing a solo career.

The English version

The Original

Ellie White – Nu te mai vreau by adyfitz


WelcheMusic previously covered Alexandra Stan, who followed her giant hit “Mr. Saxobeat” with “Get Back (ASAP).” We’re also keeping a close eye on Inna’s UK launch.

Read more about Romanian dance music via WelcheMusic:


Ellie White Brings the Power of Love


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