Afrojack’s Take Over Control Certified Gold

Afrojack Certified Gold
Afrojack Certified Gold

CHART SPOTLIGHT. Dutch producer and DJ Afrojack just tweeted that his hit single ‘Take Over Control’ went gold in the US. The single, which features Eva Simons on vocals, has sold more than 500,000 copies in the States alone. Originally released in the Netherlands back in August 2010, the track topped the Billboard’s Hot Dance Airplay chart for six consecutive weeks.

A music video signed Alex Herron was shot in L.A., showing Simons as a robotic dancer. As she and her fellow dancers fall out of energy, Afrojack later arrives to plug them in as to continue.


Afrojack only recently returned to the scene as a guest on Pitbull’s ‘Give Me Everyhing’ and WelcheMusic has also highlighted his remix of Leona Lewis’s ‘Collide.’

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