Frans If I Were Sorry

Frans’ If I Were Sorry Dominates Swedish Spotify Chart

Frans If I Were Sorry
Frans has the most popular song on Spotify.

Frans Jeppsson Wall dominates the Swedish Spotify chart with ‘If I Were Sorry.’ It qualified for the Melodifestivalen final on Saturday and proved a welcome comeback. As a 7-year old, Frans sang a celebratory song for Zlatan, which rendered him a Swedish hit.

“The song is a twisted love story on the theme that you have gotten over somebody. It’s up to the person who listens to it to interpret it with his or her own experience. Calm tempo, you’ll eventually find about the genre,” Frans said to ahead of the competition.

‘If I Were Sorry’ is co-written by Frans, Oscar Fogelström, Michael Saxell and Fredrik Andersson.

Currently, Robin Bengtsson’s ‘Constellation Prize’ is climbing to No.4 on the Spotify chart, in a top ten chart which is dominated by Melodifestivalen entries. Molly Sandén’s ‘Youniverse’ is No.3, while Samir & Viktor, Oscar Zia, Panetoz and Lisa Ajax are currently in the top ten.

Spotify Sweden

  1. Frans – If Were Sorry (479,209)
  2. Rihanna & Drake – Work (225,834)
  3. Molly Sandén – Youniverse (217,536)
  4. Robin Bengtsson – Constellation Prize (207,832)
  5. Alan Walker – Faded (194,092)
  6. Samir & Viktor – Bada nakna (189,641)
  7. ZAYN – Pillowtalk (175,786)
  8. Oscar Zia – Human (173,749)
  9. Panetoz – Håll om mig hart (169,000)
  10. Lisa Ajax – My Heart Wants Me Dead (158,664)

The bold entries are competing in Melodifestivalen. Number of daily plays on March 2nd, 2016.

Frans is also No.1 entry on the Viral 50 chart for Sweden ahead of Robin Bengtsson’s ‘Constellation Prize.’


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