Glee Cast, Petra Marklund and Asaf Avidan are Autumn favorites

So, I was asked about the favorite music this autumn and the easiest way to respond is to check out the facts. I.e., what have I listened to via WelcheMusic last.FM. One piece has especially received a lot of spins. Blaine Andersson (played by Darren Criss) performed Imagine Dragon’s ‘It’s Time’ on The New Rachel episode earlier this season.

Another top hit is September’s Swedish song ‘Händerna mot himlen.’ Recorded as Petra Marklund, the track has become a chart topper for weeks on the download and streaming charts. Written and produced by Kent’s Jocke Berg, a whole album was recently issued.

The third most played song this month is the new version of ‘One Day/Reckoning Song’ recorded by the duo Asaf Avidan & the Mojos. Primarily a hit in Germany, the track is getting traction in other countries as well. Asaf Avidan hails from Israel.