Heated Sex Debate Divides Sweden

CHART REFLECTION. A heated debate has sparked in Sweden, following the most recent addition of the popular program Allsång på Skansen. With approximately 1.6 million viewers, the music program which is hosted by pop singer Måns Zelmerlöw featured two of this year’s most popular Swedish artists Eric Amarillo and Veronica Maggio.

Sex Controversy

So, what’s the fuss all about? Sex. Sex. And a little bit more sex. Eric Amarillo spent six wix atop the singles tally in May-June with his infectious “Om sanningen ska fram.” In English, the song says “Seriously, would you lay with me” exemplifying all kinds of sacrifices a man can do for sex. Veronica Maggio’s “Jag kommer” (I’m coming) entered the singles chart in February, yet it didn’t reach the summit until May.  It sits at No.4 on last week’s chart and covers where and how a woman can reach her climax.

Both songs have been frequently played on radio and while the lyrics might be daring, this heated debate was only heated when these artists appeared on Allsång på Skansen. According to an online poll made by leading news daily Aftonbladet, Sweden is divided. 50 percent voted against the two artists’ participation, while the other 50 percent voted for.

Ricky Martin Set the Record

As children were singing to these tunes in the audience, many viewers feared that this was far from prudent. Eric Amarillo admits that he is used to a mature audience having performed on night clubs and discos. While Veronica Maggio doesn’t really touch on the subject, only hints.

25,000 people had joined the show at Skansen which is situated at central Stockholm. The record is 32,000 people set by Ricky Martin in 2001.