Reeve Carney’s Rise Above 1 Lifts Spider-Man Musical

CHART REFLECTION. Okay, so the Broadway version of Spider-Man wasn’t a walk in the park. There have been many a headlines of the many disasters that struck the musical version of this adventure. Yet, WelcheMusic loves the track “Rise Above 1” with the lead actor/singer Reeve Carney and guest vocalists Bono and The Edge who wrote the play’s score.

Rolling Stone calls it a “soaring U2 ballad, with the elegant grandeur craned up to Andrew Lloyd Webber levels.” Referring the musical to tragicomic, Billboard says that Reeve Carney is “conventional and undercooked.” And maybe that’s we need a summer like this – a track to listen to the radio, something to just enjoy and maybe we feel a bit like Peter Parker.

The track debuted at No.74 on the Billboard Hot 100 in early June and is nowhere to be found today. It seems as if the neither consumers, critics nor radio took to this song. We think it reminds of Nickelback, Creed or any other of the crazily successful rock bands that get on US radio.

The song is about Peter Parker morphing into Spider-Man himself, and hopefully Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark can morph into the success it does deserve.