Margaret Berger

Norwegian Margaret Berger’s I Feed You My Love Set for Eurovision Song Contest Success

The 27-year old singer Margaret Berger won the Norwegian Melodi Grand Prixlast night with the euphoric ‘I Feed You My Love,’ thus beating the runner-up ‘Bombo’ with Adelén. ‘I Feed You My Love’ is a beautiful blend of Björk, Ellie Goulding and a hint of last year’s ‘Euphoria.’ It’s definitely love at first sight and hopefully this will prove a success in the Malmö final later this year.

Written by Sweden’s Karin Parks

‘I Feed You My Love’ will be available on the upcoming set Chastisement. Written by the Swede Karin Parks in collaboration with Niklas Olovson and Robin Lynch, the track was awarded twice as many votes as Adelén. Last year’s Norwegian entry Tooji came last in the finals as previously reported. Margaret Berger rose to fame back in 2004 as the runner-up of Norway’s Idol talent contest the same year as Maria Haukaas Storeng. The latter sang the Mira Craig-penned track ‘Hold On Be Strong,’ which made No.5 in the 2008 Eurovision Song Contest as Norway’s entry. Kjartan Salvesen won that year with his only charting hit to date – ‘Standing Tall.’

Margaret Berger – I Feed You My Love