Will Lee Seung Gi Follow PSY’s footsteps?

Last year saw the release of PSY’s ‘Gagnam Style.’ Crossing over internationally, the dance routine and accompanying video has swept charts worldwide. Currently No.1 on the Korea K-Pop Hot 100, Lee Seung Gi could very well follow PSY’s footsteps.

According to a recent Billboard article, Lee Seung Gi represents a new kind of K-pop (Korean pop). Dubbed as ‘healing’ music, his hit track ‘Return’ spends its fifth week atop the K-Pop Hot 100. The hit is included on the mini-album ‘Forest.’ Only two other tracks has previously topped that chart for five weeks – PSY’s ‘Gagnam Style’ and IU’s ‘You and I’ (a year ago).

WelcheMusic.com will closely monitor the chart career of ‘Return,’ as it might just add a sixth week at No.1 and break the record.

Girls Generation’s ‘Dancing Queen’ Samples Duffy

I’ve previously covered Girls Generation as they were planning a US and Japanese breakthrough. Check out their almost five year old track ‘Dancing Queen’ which interpolates Duffy’s ‘Mercy.’ The track debuts at No.4 on the K-Pop Hot 100 this week. Welch singer Duffy originally released ‘Mercy’ back in 2008.