Keep the Summer Alive with Paradisio and Loona

CHART SPOTLIGHT. In an attempt to keep the summer alive, I just scouted Spotify for some true memorable summer hits. It usually ends up with a range of poppy euro disco hits, often sung in a Latin language. I discovered the album Best of Summer Hitz, collecting tracks that takes you back to the typical summer party.

Paradisio – Bailando Me Dices Adios (Live @ VTM Hit The Road 2009)

Originally dubbed as ‘Bailando’ upon its release in 1994, this track was also covered by Loona. The new version ‘Bailando me dices adios’ was released in 2009 as a re-interpretation by the new (and current) singer Shelby Diaz. The original sold more than 5m copies globally.

Loona – Vamos A La Playa (Official Video)

Ever heard of Marie-Jose van der Kolk? She goes under the stage name Loona and Carisma and reigns from Holland.  Loona debuted in 1995 with ‘Life Is Just a Game.’ In 1998, she scored a No.1 hit with ‘Bailando’ only a few years after Paradisio’s major success.

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