Mad About Nicola Roberts’ Lucky Day

Lucky Day new single from Nicola Roberts
Lucky Day new single from Nicola Roberts

CHART SPOTLIGHT.  I must say that I’m a bit disappointed. Nicola Roberts deserves a better fate than No.40 which is the debut position of her sophomore hit ‘Lucky Day.’ Her debut single ‘Beat of My Drum’ peaked at No.27 earlier this summer, but c’mon on – this time she merged the sounds of David Guetta, with the hotness of Martin Solveig’s ‘Hello.’

It’s actually not that strange, ‘Lucky Day’ is produced by Dragonette and front vocalist Martina Sorbara, who also sang on the aforementioned ‘Hello.’ ‘Lucky Day’s is also available in remixes from Digital Dog and Ed Wilder. ‘Sticks + Stones’ is expected to become the next single from Nicola Roberts.

Breakthrough in Girls Aloud

Nicola Roberts grew up in Runcorn, an industrial port in the county of Cheshire and turns 25 this October. Quite young for a singer whose career started at 17 years old. She got her breakthrough in the ITV reality TV show ‘Popstars: The Rivals,’ ultimately winning a place in the Girls Aloud. They achieved no less than 20 consecutive UK top ten singles throughout their career. In 2009, ‘The Promise’ was awarded Best Single of the Year.

According to Roberts, Girls Aloud will be reunited in 2012 to commemorate their ten years anniversary. However, Cheryl Cole has enjoyed the greatest success as a solo artist.

Cinderella’s Eyes

The debut album Cinderella’s Eyes features production from the likes of Dimitri Tikvoi, Diplo, Joseph Mount and foremost Dragonette. The track relates to all aspects of life and luckiness according to Roberts herself and has been compared Katy Perry’s ‘Last Friday Night (T.G.I.F).’ Dragonette reigns from Toronto, Canada, and was formed in 2005. It consists of the singer-songwriter Martina Sorbara, bassist/producer Dan Kurtz and the drummer Joel Stouffer. Upon releasing its eponymous debut EP, the group has since relocated to the UK/London. Martina Sorbara actually sang on Basement Jaxx 2006 single ‘Take Me Back to Your House.’

In 2010, Dragonette was featured on Martin Solveig’s hit ‘Hello,’ which was a worldwide smash and I blogged about it back then. The group is also featured on several tracks on Solveig’s Smash album (most notably ‘Big in Japan’ and ‘Can’t Stop’).

Check out Nicola Robert’s guest blog via the celeb gossip site Holymoly. According to Daily Mail, the singer never exercises ‘I don’t work out and I’ve never dieted. If I’m run down, tired or worried then I can drop weight overnight.’ The next thing she confesses her addiction for blueberries.

Finally, another thing that disappoints me is that the B-side ‘Fix Me’ deserves to be A-sided!

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