Loreen’s ‘Euphoria’ Baku’s Favorite Among Betting Companies


Exclusive research, provided by social media monitoring company Meltwater, reveals that Loreen is the top favorite. The company has analyzed more than 44,000 posts, claiming that more than ten percent favors ‘Euphoria.’ According to Aftonbladet Nöjesbladet, betting companies across Europe put Loreen first. According to research from the online gambling group Unibet, Loreen’s ‘Euphoria’ equals more than 68 percent of the turnover for the ESC betting as compared to the Russian babushka’s 13 percent. Danes favors their own entry – Soluna Samay’s ‘Should’ve Known Better’- which equals 40 percent of the local turnover. Meanwhile, the pan-European portion is no more than 1.87 percent. Jonas Nilsson, PR Manager at Unibet says:

Even if many put a bet on its own company, Loreen is the pan-European favorite among our customers. Our research predicts a victory tomorrow.” According to DN, competing betting company Svenska Spel, offers 1.7 times the money if you bet on Loreen. Runner-ups are Buranovskije Babusjki, 5 times the stake, followed by Serbia, Italy and Great Britain.

Must Impress Local Jury Groups Tonight

Although the final does not take place until tomorrow night, Loreen must impress the members of the local jury groups tonight, according to Aftonbladet. 42 jury groups cast their votes tonight. “A mediocre rehearsal may cost her the victory,” Torbjörn Ek, Aftonbladet’s ESC reporter in Baku. Haven seen today’s rehearsals he’s confident that the voice is there and she sang all the time. “Wow, it’s…soon. I wanted to make the final and now I’m in the final. I will just eat a nice meal, take it easy and there’s not much more to do than what I’ve always done. In a few hours, I’m on stage again,” Loreen told TT Spektra via Svenska Dagbladet.

ESC in the Rear View Mirror

A year back, we followed Eric Saade’s adventures in Germany and the feud with Russian singer Alexey Vorobyov. As Svenska Dagbladet reports, little more than a Swedish victory tops Saade’s No.3 ranking with ‘Popular.’ Carola’s ‘Invincible’ ended up at fifth place back in 2006, and was followed by four tough years with one missed final and three lower rankings. Svenska Dagbladet’s ESC expert Harry Amster is convinced that it will either be Loreen or the ‘elderly women’ from Russia. He also points out that Greece, Cyprus and Serbia have strong entries.

Stella Mwangi’s Norwegian Fiasco Makes Saade Nervous

Stella Mwangi

CHART REFLECTION. There was little doubt about what would dominate headlines in Norway today. Stella Mwangi’s elimination from yesterday’s Eurovision Song Contest semi-finals was nothing but a fiasco. Her “Haba Haba” was one of the favourites and only two years ago, Alexander Rybak won a sensational victory with “Fairytale.”

Eric Saade on the Edge

Stella Mwangi was not only one of Nöjesbladet’s readers’ favourites, it was also Eric Saade’s. Now, he’s at loss as there’s no sure thing that his “Popular” will pass the test tomorrow evening. Earlier this week, Norwegian media claimed that Swedish entry was rubbish! Little did they know… Fædrelandsvennen says that this is not the end of the world, while many newspapers reports that the singer got some comfort from British boy-band Blue.

Stella Mwangi in Shock

In one of the biggest news dailies – Aftenbladet – Stella Mwangi admits that she’s in shock, but finds it hard to believe that she could have done much different. On a final note, the Kenya Stockholm blog notes that Stella Mwangi came to Norway at five, immigrating from Kenya. “Haba Haba” is about being inspired by a Kenyan grandmother.

Last evening’s contest also saw Turkey and Armenia leaving the contest, while Alexey Vorobyov easily made the final with his “Get You.”


Swede Rescues Alexey from Fiasco

Alexey Vorobyov

CHART SPOTLIGHT. According to the leading Swedish news daily Aftonbladet, the song coach Kishti Tomita rescues Russia from fiasco in the Eurovision Song Contest.

The 23 year-old Alexey Vorobyov or Sparrow is a well-known movie star and artist in his native Russia. To WelcheMusic readers, he’s best known for being a potent threat to our own Eric Saade.

As, we’ve previously reported that the Vorobyov entry is written and produced by RedOne of Lady Gaga fame.

Alexey Vorobyov’s Team Nervous

Kishti Tomita, a previous juror on Idol in Sweden, will replace the backing singer Britta Bergström who unfortunately got urgent back pains only days before the contest. Kishti Tomita quickly needed to learn the routine and was able to attend rehearsals yesterday. Referred internally as “the heroine,” Kishti might well be the reason for Russia making the finals tomorrow evening.

The blog Music is the Door to the Soul refers to Vorobyov as the “Russian counterpart to Justin Bieber,” adding that his vocal abilities are far from impressive. Oikotimes published an interview with the Russian ESC star earlier this year.

Read more about Alexey Vorobyov:

Alex Sparrow Vs. Eric Saade – The Fight Continues

CHART SPOTLIGHT. The Russian ESC star Alex Vorobyov, or Alex Sparrow which he calls himself continues to heavily criticize Eric Saade. Pointing out that Saade sang playback at the show, Sparrow compares it to hara-kiri, according to leading news daily Aftonbladet.

Super producer RedOne co-wrote “Get You,” and Alex Sparrow’s manager is Peter Swartling. His song coach is Kishti Tomita. Both of them were part of the Swedish Idol jury a while back and is part of the team behind this year’s Russian entry.

Eric Saade’s Scandalous Russian Visit


“When I’m on stage at the Eurovision, I will be the only Russian at the stage. The dancers, background singers, everyone’s from Sweden,” Alex Sparrow says.

The Russian singer is quick to point out that he would never sing playback. Saade’s manager Tomas Lingman says:

“We were introduced, that’s it. After that, we went back to the dressing room. Singing playback was the Russian record label’s decision. 35 to 40 artists performed on the show. It was the first time Eric sang playback, he usually don’t.”

RedOne Will Represent Russia with Alex Vorobyov


On the Russian entry, Lingman simply says “Eric doesn’t need to pay RedOne and Swartling millions to be part of the Eurovision. [Eric] has the support from the people,” referring to the fact that “Get You” was chosen to represent Russia and did not win compete for the victory.


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