Stella Mwangi’s Norwegian Fiasco Makes Saade Nervous

Stella Mwangi

CHART REFLECTION. There was little doubt about what would dominate headlines in Norway today. Stella Mwangi’s elimination from yesterday’s Eurovision Song Contest semi-finals was nothing but a fiasco. Her “Haba Haba” was one of the favourites and only two years ago, Alexander Rybak won a sensational victory with “Fairytale.”

Eric Saade on the Edge

Stella Mwangi was not only one of Nöjesbladet’s readers’ favourites, it was also Eric Saade’s. Now, he’s at loss as there’s no sure thing that his “Popular” will pass the test tomorrow evening. Earlier this week, Norwegian media claimed that Swedish entry was rubbish! Little did they know… Fædrelandsvennen says that this is not the end of the world, while many newspapers reports that the singer got some comfort from British boy-band Blue.

Stella Mwangi in Shock

In one of the biggest news dailies – Aftenbladet – Stella Mwangi admits that she’s in shock, but finds it hard to believe that she could have done much different. On a final note, the Kenya Stockholm blog notes that Stella Mwangi came to Norway at five, immigrating from Kenya. “Haba Haba” is about being inspired by a Kenyan grandmother.

Last evening’s contest also saw Turkey and Armenia leaving the contest, while Alexey Vorobyov easily made the final with his “Get You.”