Pitbull Already Back with Pause+Rain

CHART REFLECTION. Despite climbing charts worldwide with “Give Me Everything,” an additional two singles have already been lifted off Pitbull’s Planet Pit album. “Pause” was issued in early June to promote the album and debuted at No.73 on the Hot 100. And the week after, “Rain Over Me” was released as the third featuring Marc Anthony!

Jennifer Lopez Just Did It

CHART SPOTLIGHT. This January, WelcheMusic posed the question? Would RedOne be able to reinvigorate Jennifer Lopez career? A strenuous way back to the charts have been crowned with no less than two hits from the new album. “On the Floor” became a global crossover hit, yet “I’m Into You” is still to catch on in the US. To date, the track has only reached No.72 while it has peaked at No.9 in the UK.