The Black Eyed Peas Rock Your Body Right

The Black Eyed Peas issued The E.N.D. last June and it has so far resulted in five hit singles.  The title is short for “the energy never dies,” which is obviously true as the group’s dominated airwaves for almost a year. The latest single, “Rock That Body,” was originally issued on Jan.15 in Australia. Interpolating the “I wanna rock right now” line from Rob Base and DJ E-Z Rock’s 1988 hit “It Takes Two,” the Black Eyed Peas song wasn’t issued in the UK until this March and the track’s not slated for a US release until this month, early May.


“Rock That Body” follows the last single  “Imma Be” to that extent that a medley mashup of the two songs are included on the single.  It was also included on the “Imma Be” single. It’s also interesting to note that “Rock That Body” is the second Black Eyed Peas track produced by David Guetta. Most famous for the collaboration with Kelly Rowland on “When Love Takes Over,” Guetta also produced “I Gotta Feeling.”