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  • Gwyneth Paltrow Returns to the Charts

    Gwyneth Paltrow returns to the music scene. Yes, as news spread that she will star in the upcoming movie Country Strong, WelcheMusic notes that Paltrow’s musical career is nothing to sneeze at. Headlining the cast of Duets in 2000, she and Huey Lewis managed to top the singles tallies in Australia and New Zealand (the…

  • The Rumor Has It Adele Will Return to No.1

    Expect ‘Rumour Has It’ to become British singer-songwriter Adele’s next Hot 100 chart-topping single when it’s released later this month. ‘Turning Tables’ charted following its inclusion in Glee (where Gwyneth Paltrow performed it), yet it was never officially released as an Adele single in the US. A bit disappointing if you ask me, the track…

  • Wetpaint Reveals the Glee: The Music Volume 6 Tracks

    CHART SPOTLIGHT. Our friends at Wetpaint just released the track list of the new Glee compilation, the sixth to be exact. WelcheMusic has closely followed the latest episode featuring Lykke Li and Keane. The set will feature Gwyneth Paltrow who plays Holly.

  • Lady Gaga Goes Country

    We all knew that Gwyneth Paltrow is a country gal, but who knew that Lady Gaga had that within her. The singer tweeted yesterday morning (Mar.24) that a Country Road version of “Born This Way” will be released on Twitter this Friday.

  • Cee Lo Green Reaches New Peak with “F**k You”

    Cee Lo Green reaches a new peak on the Hot 100 with “F**k You (Forget You).” The track moves 7-2 as interest resurged following a recent performance at the Grammy Awards with Gwyneth Paltrow and The Muppets. WelcheMusic has previously covered Paltrow’s musical escapade in the movie Country Strong.

  • Adele Sets Fire to the Rain with Spiking Sales

    CHART SPOTLIGHT. Following years of decline, sales are finally spiking in the US. It’s headline news that the music industry’s sales are up according to USA Today. In total, sales were up 8.5% year-on-year according to a recent Nielsen SoundScan/Billboard report. Adele’s 21 sold 2.5m copies. Lady Gaga’s Born This Way is the runner-up with…

  • Did Aqua Just Go Britney Spears On Us?

    So, did we just listen to a new Britney track or was it…Aqua? Check out the latest single from the Danish-Norwegian pop act to be released on Monday 14th March. “How R U Doin’” sounds like a close relative of “Hold It AgainstMe” and the eurodance is long gone. Almost eleven years have passed since…

  • Will Susan Boyle Succeed Britney on Glee?

    Britney Spears managed to draw 13.3 million viewers to the Glee homage episode. Rumors say that Susan Boyle is scheduled to appear this December. The Scottish sensation will release her second album, The Gift, on Nov.8 and will have a 1960s feel since it’s her era. No single has been released as yet, but already…