Chinese Wing Puts an Original Touch to Single Ladies

CHART REFLECTION. If you thought that Liza Minnelli’s rendition of Beyoncé’s “Single Ladies” in Sex and the City 2 was original, wait ‘til you here this one. Wing Han Tsang, (曾詠韓), has grown a worldwide fan-base with her special offbeat style. Originally from Hong Kong, Wing is now residing in New Zealand and began her career by entertaining patients at nursing homes and hospitals in the Auckland area. Further to receiving a grant from Manukau City Council, she issued her debut set “Musical Memories of Les Misèrables and The Phantom of the Opera.”


Wing Web-site is the Hub

Nurturing her music career, Wing’s fanbase has been retained via her web-site. Wing also sells her music via iTunes, CD Baby and of course Spotify where WelcheMusic found these tracks.  The singer even had a South Park episode named after her in March 2005. To date, she has released eleven CDs.

Beyoncé Releases the New Album

Currently releasing her latest album 4, Set for release on June 24, Beyoncé made a rave performance on the Billboard Awards show with “Run the World (Girls).” A second single – “Best Thing I Ever Had” – has already been released. We look forward to “I Was Here” – an entirely new ballad written by Diane Warren and produced by Ryan Tedder (of “Bleeding Love” and OneRepublic fame)!

Her original “Single Ladies” was issued in October 2008 as a double lead A-single together with “If I Were a Boy.” It finally reached the No.1 spot in the US, on par with Diana Ross and Paula Abdul at the list of women with most Hot 100 chart-toppers.

Dance Routine from the ‘60s


The accompanying music video was actually inspired by the 1969 Bob Fosse dance routine Mexican Breakfast which was seen on the Ed Sullivan show. Critics have compared the track to Aretha Franklin’s “Respect” and Gloria Gaynor’s “I Will Survive” as female empowerment songs. The track has also been included on many a TV shows, e.g. Cougar Town, CSI: Miami and Glee. In Sweden, “Single Ladies” peaked at No.40.