Why Dana International Missed the Final

Dana International
Dana International

CHART REFLECTION. Unfortunately, Dana International missed out on tonight’s final as “Ding Dong” was eliminated from Thursday’s semi-final. Looking back at Dana International’s 1998 winner “Diva,” WelcheMusic’s research reveals just how the points were allotted back then. The singer got her highest scores (10’s or 12’s) from countries that either competed in this year’s first semi-final or qualified directly. Therefore, none of those fans were allowed to vote on Thursday.

Another pattern in 1998 was that the farther east the countries were located, the less points were awarded Dana International. The majority of voters came from the Eastern bloc. So, with that in mind it might not have been a surprise that “Ding Dong” didn’t score so many points – most of her fans couldn’t even vote for her on Thursday!

“Diva” Second Schlager Entry for Dana International

Née Yaron Cohn in 1972, the 39-year old singer Dana International (in Hebrew: אינטרנשיונל) got her international breakthrough back in 1998 when she won the ESC final with “Diva.” The single peaked at No.3 in Sweden, one of the most successful chart runs in any country.  Haven tried a few years earlier, Dana Internaional came second in the Israeli contest with “Layla Tov, Eropa” (1995).

WelcheMusic thinks the performance on Thursday was smashing – not least because of the Gaultier dress worn! Watch the new video via Wiwiblog!


Whitney Houston Satire Breakthrough Single

Recently Dana International was the judge of Israeli Idol, Kokhav Nolad. Few might now that her debut single was a satirical version of Whitney Houston’s “My Name Is Not Susan” titled “My Name Is Not Saida.”

The Jerusalem Post simply says that Isreal missed out on the chance of winning, while Jewish Cronical Online highlights that Jewish singer Anthony Costa will perform as part of Blue tonight.