Scouting For Girls Announces New Single

CHART SPOTLIGHT. According to the eminent site Top 40 Charts, we’re pleased to welcome back Scouting For Girls. Only recently, WelcheMusic did a chart flashback on the Brit indie group’s hit “This Ain’t a Love Song.”

Scouting For Girls – Love How It Hurts

Come July, Scouting For Girls returns with “Love How It Hurts” – a track written by lead singer Roy Stride. The new single will be included on an upcoming re-issue of the album Everybody Wants to Be on TV.

According to Daily Record, the group’s front man  Roy Stride has knicked a quote from comedian when asked where he gets his funny ideas from. “He said he got them from the old lady who works in the post office and she gets them from the old lady who collects her pension every Thursday.” Steal with pride!

Ultrasound Music Festival

According to the group’s home page, Scouting For Girls will perform on this year’s Ultrasound Music Festival in Tamworth. Other artists include Example, Chipmunk, Lock Essien and Madness.

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Scouting For Girls – Love How It Hurts (Spotify)

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