DNA Songs Is Dami Im’s Secret Sauce

Dami Im promo shot for Eurovision Song Contest 2016

Dami Im was many a favorite as we were mesmerized by her performance at the Eurovision Song Contest with ‘The Sound of Silence.’ So, you want more of that? Production duo DNA Songs has many hits under their belt – and WelcheMusic has featured several hits in this blog post. Anthony Egizii and David Musumeci… Fortsätt läsa DNA Songs Is Dami Im’s Secret Sauce

The Frans Effect on Spotify

Frans has the most popular song on Spotify.

We now know that Ukraine won this year’s Eurovision Song Contest, yet it seems that Sweden’s entry Frans is the global winner. Turns out that ‘If I Were Sorry’ quickly became the biggest selling download via iTunes following his No.5 peak at the Stockholm Globe Arena last night.

Ace of Base Mastermind John Ballard behind Sergey Lazarev Entry

Sergey Lazarev got the help from mastermind John Ballard

Sergey Lazarev’s ‘You Are the Only One’ is one of the hotly anticipated winners of tomorrow’s Eurovision Song Contest final at the Stockholm Globe arena. An instant pop hit, few knows that there’s a genius mastermind behind the track.

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