4 Things You Should Know About Wilkinson [INFOGRAPHIC]

The new single from Wilkinson called Afterglow

Expect the UK producer Wilkinson to fill many a dance floor this fall with the latest single ‘Afterglow.’ The South West London DJ began his musical career at the age of 16. His debut album Lazers Not Included is scheduled for release on 28th Oct. It includes earlier singles ‘Need to Know,’ ‘Take You Hight’ and ‘Heartbeat.’ A video for ‘Afterglow’ just bowed on VEVO.

Meja Returns with ‘Blame It on the Shadows’

In the ‘90s, Meja recorded the hit singles ‘All ‘Bout the Money’ and ‘Private Emotion’ and now she’s back. ‘Blame It on the Shadows’ precedes the upcoming EP ‘Stroboscope Sky,’ which is set to debut in mid-December. Written by Meja and Nicolas Gunthardt, production is handled by Ebbot Ludberg (former singer of The Soundtrack of Our Lives).

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